Fluent English speaking institute glad to present "pre basic English speaking course" for new learners, who can not even read or write English properly. In this course we have added all useful material which will render to learner to read and write english correct way and make them familiar with english language. We also provide some books for elegent cursive writing because cursive writing is an art which is both fascinating and useful as well as we provide one book for different
types of story reading.
- comics / jokes reading.
- Useful english word with their hindi  
   meaning nd pronunc√¨tion.
- Useful glossary.
- lntnntion
- Simple question making.
- Individual teaching.
- Everyday practice (oral/written)
- AIphhets Hindi and English
- Introduction of vowels and consonants
- Reading session
- spelling making rules.
- Pronunci3tion improvement
- Rules of Punctuation and their uses.
- Story / news paper reading.
Basic English speaking course is the second stage of our syllabus. It has been divided into different three session this course is the foundation of english language. If anyone know reading and writing so he or she can do this course. And it will make you perfect in grammar, this course covers all the structure of english language in this course we will provide you some material with the help of that you can learn the points given below.
1st Step :-
Latest vocabulary in sequence of most important, less important and least important such as. subjects. question making word, preposition, conjunction, verbs, helping verbs, time and place indicating words, practical words as well defination of the tenses and we  also provide usefull words for making
objects in the sentence.
2nd Step :-
In this section we teach how to construct different types of sentences using different parts of Grammar such as
1. Placing order.
2. Making request.
3. Question making.
4. Tense - sentence making and practice on tenses  (Oral/written)
Modals - sentence making and practice on Modals  (Oral/written)
6. Passive - all tenses such as smiple,continuous and perfects and practice on them (Oral/written)
3rd Step :-
In this part we provide spoken english sentences which make us more faster and fluent to speak in this session we provide sentences on different topics which are useful to speak in daily conversation such as, day today sentences, general topics, apologies, anger, time, miscellaneous sentences, at home, business, invitation. gratitude, believing, permission, quarrel, shopping, spoken sentences, travel, what should we do or not, person & age, with the doctor.etc.

Advance English speaking course is the third stage of our syllabus. It has been divided into different four session this course leads you to speak different sort of communication such as face to Face conversation, stage presentation, group discussion and smart english including various topics like.
Introducing self and others, complaining about gadgeL talking in general stores, talking in the bank. talking with guest. talking at the bus stop, at the railway platform. travelling, property agent. patient. doctor, teacher, servant. conversation in mall, in office, in call center, in school at home. on the way and sa
1  Public speaking.
2. Voice modulation.
3. Body language.
4. Group discussion.
5. Interview skills.
B. Use of proverbs, idioms.
7. Smart English.
In this course we also pravide su many topics for group discussion and stage presentation. we have roll play method.
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